I4C 2023 Bilbao

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I4C 2023 Bilbao
08 June 2023
I4C 2023 Bilbao

I4C 2023 Bilbao

Back in-person for its seventh edition, I4C 2023 brough together the private and public sectors to discuss innovative approaches to climate action across finance, markets, policy and technology. The event took place on May 23-25, 2023 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Bilbao, Spain. 

With the theme “Scaling climate action in a changing world: innovation, investment and impact”, the 3-day conference showcased inspiring leadership across three topics: climate finance, carbon markets and a just transition. 

I4C 2023 featured three high-level plenaries focusing on 1) Stepping Up Climate Finance: From Innovation to Delivery, 2) Carbon Markets and the Path to Net-Zero: From Potential to Reality; and 3) Making Climate Action Work for All: An Inclusive and Just Transition. 

Over 44 technical workshop sessions showcased proven how-to climate solutions from around the globe, and a Marketplace with exhibitors from the public and private sectors featured groundbreaking initiatives. I4C 2023 also hosted a Journalists Workshop and a Young Climate Innovators program.

I4C 2023 in numbers:  

  • 1,500+ participants from 132 countries (945 in person, 634 online)
  • 3 high-level plenaries
  • 30 exhibitors
  • 44 workshops
  • 35 exhibitors in the Marketplace

Check out our sessions' recordings in this YouTube Playlist

Learn more in the event's official website.