I4C 2023: Scaling Climate Action in a Changing World

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I4C 2023: Scaling Climate Action in a Changing World
16 February 2023

I4C 2023 in Bilbao!


Climate change is a defining crisis of our time and poses a major threat to development. While there is a pressing need for a low carbon, resilient world, climate action has recently stalled in the face of multiple crises. During the last two COPs, the international community has reiterated their commitment to the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 °C. However, keeping that commitment alive requires accelerating climate action through investment, innovation and implementation at scale.  

Back in-person for its seventh edition, Innovate4Climate (I4C) will bring together the private and public sectors to discuss innovative approaches to climate action across finance, markets, policy and technology. I4C 2023 will take place on May 23-25 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Bilbao, Spain.  

Given the current context and the need to ensure that climate action stays on track, I4C 2023 will focus on how to accelerate implementation and investments for mitigation and adaptation at a rate and on a scale never before achieved. Technology, processes, tools and instruments will all be part of this enriching World Bank Group conference that has a longstanding tradition of highlighting practical solutions.  

What to expect at I4C 2023 

Throughout the three days, I4C 2023 offers a rich and varied program that includes: 

  • High-level plenaries: each day at I4C will start with a high-level plenary that reflects the most pressing issues in climate action. This year, they will showcase inspiring leadership in action from the public and private sectors across three topics: climate finance, carbon markets and a just transition. The plenaries are fast-paced events, with engaging panel discussions featuring regional diversity to encourage insightful conversations.  

  • Workshops: this component is at the heart of I4C’s knowledge and technical exchange. Organized by renowned institutions from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia, workshops highlight trailblazing how-to solutions that have been tried and tested and are ripe for implementation at scale.  

  • Marketplace: featuring over 30 exhibitors, the Marketplace offers an additional opportunity to showcase groundbreaking climate initiatives and connect with peers to exchange ideas and foster synergies.  

  • Journalists Workshop and Young Climate Innovators Program: these invite-only events will take place ahead of I4C’s formal opening. Directed at climate journalists and young climate champions respectively, these programs seek to provide learning opportunities to further advance the climate agenda.  

3 topics to scale up climate action 

While exploring how to scale up climate action in a changing world, I4C 2023 will focus on three themes: 

1. Climate finance

Climate action needs drastically increased amounts of climate finance. However, at a global level, key questions remain. What financing mechanisms already exist to support countries as they respond to climate impacts?  Where can public finance be most effective? What is the role of private capital and how can we make sure that resources reach the most vulnerable? I4C 2023 presents the opportunity to build on successful climate finance innovations to strengthen climate resilience in an increasingly vulnerable world.   

2. Carbon markets 

Carbon markets could play a key role in addressing climate change and over two thirds of countries are already planning to use them as a tool to meet their NDCs. What will it take to unlock the full potential of carbon markets for climate action? What are the opportunities, especially for developing countries? I4C 2023 will showcase transformative examples and look at how to overcome the roadblocks for effective carbon markets.  

3. Just transition

Climate policies and the cost of net-zero pathways can negatively impact low-income and vulnerable groups, leading to increased inequality and exclusion. How can climate policies with a gender, diversity and inclusion lens ensure a more inclusive and just transition? What lessons can be learned from companies undertaking programs for the upskilling and reskilling of workers? I4C 2023 will explore the key reforms needed to achieve a just transition to a net-zero economy in the context of accelerated climate action.  

Registration for I4C 2023 will be opening in March. We hope you join us in Bilbao to help us answer one crucial question: how can we innovate to make a difference urgently and on a scale never before achieved?   

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