Innovate4climate's objective is to work towards creating efficient, inclusive and sustainable climate actions. The show should be no exception. A sustainable event balances environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

Our commitments are the following:

Reduce materials consumption and waste generation:

The conference is very aware of the waste it generates and promoted the use of recycled and reusable products, the reduced use of packaging, waste separation and the avoidance of disposable items. For more information, please refer to the Waste to Zero initiative.

Reduce indirect environmental impact:

The first edition of Innovate4Climate was carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality was achieved through the Clean CO2 initiative with the use of high quality offset projects. For more information, please refer to the Clean CO2 Event initiative.

Reduce emissions related to transportation:

The conference was located in the city center of Barcelona. This location minimized local and long-distance transportation needs for participants and products.

Increase the social benefits for all involved:

The conference involved local and regional companies in the organization of this event.

Sustainability is the essence of Innovate4Climate

That is why we especially adhered to two sustainability initiatives:
Reducing waste together.

The event adhered to the Waste to Zero initiative, which aims at reducing residual waste, saving resources, and ensuring maximum sustainability of the event. This initiative is in line with the European Commission's strategy based on the use of less materials, reuse and recycling of products, and no food waste.

Some of the ways Innovate4Climate contributed to Waste to Zero:


  • QR code points throughout the event venue where the congress APP and magazines related to the event's subject could be downloaded.


  • Containers for separating waste were available at temporary dining areas. .
  • Left-over food was donated to the NGO Nutrition Without Borders.


  • Food served with compostable utensils.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable carpets from the passageways and stand carpeting.
  • Material from several booths was reused after the event.
  • Other materials, such as plants, were donated to several local associations.
  • Residue-free printing processes and materials.


  • Recycling bins throughout the venue, specifically for paper and packaging.
  • IDs could be returned in order to save materials.
  • The mobile APP helped everyone reduce their use of paper.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The carbon neutrality of the event was sponsored by the promoters of the conference and Clean CO2. The attendance of all the participants, as well as all the emissions related to the organization of the event was calculated and offset with high quality carbon projects.

The CO2 produced over the course of the event was offset with high quality projects.

Clean CO2 is Lavola's carbon management and offset brand that offers an effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. GHG calculation is based on the international methodologies of the ISO 14064 standard and the GHG Protocol to calculate the carbon footprint of companies, and on ISO 14067, PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol Product Accounting and Reporting Standard to calculate the carbon footprint of products and services.

The carbon neutrality of the event was ensured by high-quality carbon market projects, certified to recognized international standards such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard (GS). The reduction of your emissions was real, measurable, verifiable and additional.

For more information about Clean CO2, please follow this link:


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