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Africa Abajas Bermejillo
Abajas Bermejillo, Africa | Vertis Finance
Andrea Abrahams
Abrahams , Andrea Global Director at BP Target Neutral | BP Subury on Thames United Kingdom
Malin Ahlberg
Ahlberg , Malin Senior Policy Advisor | Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Anjum Ahmad
Ahmad , Anjum Task Team Leader, Senior Energy Specialist | The World Bank Group Islamabad Pakistan
Ana Aires Carpinteiro
Aires Carpinteiro, Ana Director Partnerships and Communications | Nexus for Development Phnom Penh Cambodia
Soffia Alarcon
Alarcon , Soffia Director | Carbon Trust
Emilie Alberola
Alberola , Emilie | Industry, Energy and Climate, I4CE
Raul Alfaro Pelico
Alfaro Pelico , Raul | The World Bank Group
Valentin Alfaya
Alfaya , Valentin Health & Safety, Quality and Environment Director | Ferrovial
Javier Alonso Martínez
Alonso Martínez, Javier Innovación Tecnológica, Planificación en la Innovación y Observatorio Tecnológico |
Jean Douglas Anaman
Anaman , Jean Douglas | Ministry of Environment and National Coordinator of the NAPA process
Duong Anh Tran
Anh Tran , Duong | Ministry of Transport
David Antonioli
Antonioli , David Chief Executive Officer | VCS Washington United States of America
Fenella Aouane
Aouane , Fenella | Global Green Growth Institute
Enric Arderiu
Arderiu , Enric Originator, Global Environmental Products | BP
Richmond Assié
Assié , Richmond National NDC Focal Point Cote d' Ivoire |
James Atkins
Atkins , James Chairman | Vertis Finance Budapest Hungary
Abdelali Attioui
Attioui , Abdelali | Modelling and Projections Division, Ministry of Finance
Pierre Audinet
Audinet , Pierre Lead Energy Specialist | The World Bank Group



Tamara Babayan
Babayan , Tamara Director | R2E2 Fund Yerevan Armenia
Miklos Bankuti
Bankuti , Miklos | The World Bank Group
Ellysar Baroudy
Baroudy , Ellysar | The World Bank Group
Stephane Bazire
Bazire , Stephane | Human Impact Lab
Michael Bennett
Bennett , Michael Head of Derivatives and Structured Finance, Treasury | The World Bank
Björn Bergstrand
Bergstrand , Björn Head of Sustainability / Senior Investor Relations Manager | Kommuninvest Örebro Sweden
Lucie Bernatkova
Bernatkova , Lucie | European Investment Bank (EIB)
Jose Luis Bonet
Bonet , Jose Luis President | Fira de Barcelona
Melina Boneva
Boneva , Melina | European Commission
Benoit Bosquet
Bosquet , Benoit Practice Manager for Environment and Natural Resources, Africa Region | The World Bank Group Washington, DC United States of America
Pamela Brazier
Brazier , Pamela | Wildlife Works
Norman Breuer Morales
Breuer Morales, Norman | Itaipu Binacional Paraguay
Marcene Broadwater
Broadwater , Marcene Global Head, Climate Strategy and Business Development | IFC Washington DC United States of America
Ana Bucher
Bucher , Ana Senior Climate Change Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington, DC United States of America
Patrick Buergi
Buergi , Patrick Director Public Sector / Co-Founder | South Pole Group Zurich Switzerland



Silvia Calderón Díaz
Calderón Díaz, Silvia Deputy Director Sustainable Development | Departamento Nacional de Planeación de Colombia Bogota Colombia
Karla Canavan
Canavan , Karla Director Sustainable Finance | Bunge miami United States of America
Scott Cantor
Cantor , Scott Project Director | The World Bank Group Washington United States of America
Federico Canu
Canu , Federico Program Manager | UNEP-DTU Partnership Copenhagen Denmark
Elvira Carles
Carles , Elvira | Fundación Empresa y Clima
Alessandro Casoli
Casoli , Alessandro Strategy Manager | The Carbon Trust London United Kingdom
Davide Cassanmagnago
Cassanmagnago , Davide Consultant | German Development institute Milan Italy
Mariluz Castilla Porquet
Castilla Porquet, Mariluz Partner PWC and GECV Board Member | PWC Barcelona Spain
Marcos Castro Rodriguez
Castro Rodriguez, Marcos | The World Bank Group
Geoffroy Caude
Caude , Geoffroy President | World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Paris France
Béatrice Causse
Causse , Béatrice ESG Advisor | Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association PARIS France
Raffaello Cervigni
Cervigni , Raffaello Lead Environmental Economist | The World Bank Group Washington United States of America
Silvia Charpentier
Charpentier , Silvia | Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE)
Ayman Bel Hassan Cherkaoui
Cherkaoui , Ayman Bel Hassan Special Advisor for Climate Change and Negociations | COP 22 Presidency
Chitalu Chisanga
Chisanga , Chitalu Group Senior Investments Analyst | Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Zambia Lusaka Zambia
Jiwoo Choi
Choi , Jiwoo Deputy Head | GCF Private Sector Facility Songdo South Korea
Johannah Christensen
Christensen , Johannah Director, Global Maritime Forum and Tristan Smith, Reader in Energy and Transport | University College of London
James Close
Close , James Director Climate Change | Climate Change Group
Eric Cochard
Cochard , Eric | Crédit Agricole
Gloria Marie Coleman
Coleman , Gloria Marie Senior Analyst | Climate Policy Initiative London United Kingdom
Tawanda Collins Muzamwese
Collins Muzamwese , Tawanda Executive Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ) | Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwe
Maria Cordeiro
Cordeiro , Maria Task Team Leader, Senior Transport Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Luis Costa
Costa , Luis | Get2Consulting
Anthony Coveney
Coveney , Anthony Managing Director, Head of Project Finance and CEO Americas | Thomas Lloyd London United Kingdom



Marc Daubrey
Daubrey , Marc Coordinated preparation of INDC and is part of NDC implementation team | Ministry of environment Abidjan Ivory Coast
Tumurkhuu Davaakhuu
Davaakhuu , Tumurkhuu | Mongolian Banker’s Association
Saah David
David , Saah | Government of Liberia
Paul Dawson
Dawson , Paul | RWE Supply and Trading
Thomas Day
Day , Thomas Partner | NewClimate Institute Berlin Germany
Lisa DeMarco
DeMarco , Lisa Partner | DeMarco Allan Toronto Canada
Carlos Raul Delgado
Delgado , Carlos Raul Deputy General Director for International Financial Institutions | Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico Mexico Mexico
Pedro Domanizcky
Domanizcky , Pedro Executive Coordination Director | Itaipu Binacional
Louis Downing
Downing , Louis Director, Standard Development | Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation Basel Switzerland
Chris Dragisic
Dragisic , Chris | U.S. Department of State
Björn Dransfeld
Dransfeld , Björn Founding Partner | the greenwerk. Hamburg Germany
Mafalda Duarte
Duarte , Mafalda Head of the Climate Investment Funds | World Bank
Myriam Durand
Durand , Myriam Managing Director | EMEA Corporate Finance Group, Moody's
Jean-Marc Duvoisin
Duvoisin , Jean-Marc CEO | Nestlé Nespresso SA



Mark Ellis-Jones
Ellis-Jones , Mark Co-Founder/CEO | F3 Life London United Kingdom
José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq
Entrecanales Domecq, José Manuel Chief Executive Officer | Acciona S.A
Jackson Ewing
Ewing , Jackson | Asia Society Policy Institute



Xavier Fabregas
Fabregas , Xavier | Caixa Enginyers
Ousmane Fall Sarr
Fall Sarr , Ousmane Head of the Studies and Information System Unit | The Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency (ASER)
Bill Farmer
Farmer , Bill Chairman | Uganda Carbon Bureau Kampala Uganda
Muhammad Farooq
Farooq , Muhammad Joint Secretary | Ministry of Climate Change Islamabad Pakistan
Steven Fawkes
Fawkes , Steven Senior Adviser | Invetsor Confidence Project London United Kingdom
Eduardo Ferreira
Ferreira , Eduardo Senior Financial Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington United States of America
Stefan Feuchtinger
Feuchtinger , Stefan Analyst, EU Carbon Markets | ICIS
Carlos Finat
Finat , Carlos | Chilean Association for Renewable Energies (ACERA)
Alex Fisher
Fisher , Alex Advisor | BMUB - German Ministry of the Environment Berlin Germany
Dirk Forrister
Forrister , Dirk CEO | IETA
Katherine Foster
Foster , Katherine Former Business Development Lead Sustainable Land Use | Climate-KIC
Johannes Friedrich
Friedrich , Johannes Senior Associate | World Resources Institute



Anton Galenovich
Galenovich , Anton Chairman of the Council of the Russian Carbon Fund | Council of the Russian Carbon Fund
Isabel Garcia Tejerina
Garcia Tejerina, Isabel Minister of Agriculture, Fishery, Food and Environment | Ministry of Agriculture Spain
Jose Luis García Valdeolivas
García Valdeolivas, Jose Luis | Gas Natural Fenosa´s Technological Observatory
Jochen Gassner
Gassner , Jochen Executive Board Member | First Climate Bad Vilbel Germany
Kristalina Georgieva
Georgieva , Kristalina CEO | World Bank Group
Amado Gil Martínez
Gil Martínez, Amado Climate Change Department Director | Gas Natural Fenosa
Mariano Gonzalez Serrano
Gonzalez Serrano , Mariano Senior Energy Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Norbert Gorißen
Gorißen , Norbert Head of the Division “International Climate Finance, International Climate Initiative” | Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)
James Grabert
Grabert , James Director Sustainable Development Mechanisms | UNFCCC
Mary Grady
Grady , Mary | American Carbon Registry (ACR)
Andrew Grant
Grant , Andrew Chairman | CMI
Albert Grau
Grau , Albert | Rockwool Peninsular, S.A.U.



Kari Hamekoski
Hamekoski , Kari | Trust Funds and Climate Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
Stephen Hammer
Hammer , Stephen Manager of Climate Change Analytics and Advisory Unit | The World Bank Group
Kelley Hamrick
Hamrick , Kelley Senior Associate | Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace Washington United States of America
Billy Hamshaw
Hamshaw , Billy Product Manager, | Climate Connect London United Kingdom
Jochen Harnisch
Harnisch , Jochen Head of Division Climate and Energy Policy Unit | KfW Development Bank
Sean Healy
Healy , Sean Researcher | Öko Institut Berlin Germany
Simon Henry
Henry , Simon Programme Director | ICROA Geneva Switzerland
Renat Heuberger
Heuberger , Renat CEO | South Pole Group
Owen Hewlett
Hewlett , Owen Chief Technical Officer | The Gold Standard Foundation Bristol United Kingdom
Stephan Hoch
Hoch , Stephan | Perspectives Climate Group
Guy Hogge
Hogge , Guy | Louis Dreyfus Company
David Hone
Hone , David Chief Climate Change Adviser | Shell International Ltd. London United Kingdom
Takashi Hongo
Hongo , Takashi | Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute
Andrew Howard
Howard , Andrew | Koru Climate



Paul Z Jackson
Jackson , Paul Z Director | PJA Ltd London United Kingdom
Justin Johnson
Johnson , Justin Head Global Strategic Markets | MMR, LLC Montpelier United States of America
Christoph Jungfleisch
Jungfleisch , Christoph Head of Credit | Mobisol



Inkar Kadyrzhanova
Kadyrzhanova , Inkar Programme Officer | UNFCCC Bonn Germany
Dr. Silke Karcher
Karcher , Dr. Silke Head of Division | BMUB Germany
Abyd Karmali
Karmali , Abyd Managing Director, Climate Finance | Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Sungwoo Kim
Kim , Sungwoo Regional Head of Climate Change & Sustainability | KPMG Asia Pacific Seoul South Korea
Franz Kirchmeyr
Kirchmeyr , Franz Vice-president | European Biogas Association
Alzbeta Klein
Klein , Alzbeta Director | International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Noémie Klein
Klein , Noémie Associate Director | Ecofys London United Kingdom
Christopher Knowles
Knowles , Christopher | Infrastructure Funds and Climate Action Division, European Investment Bank (EIB)
Bettina Koelle
Koelle , Bettina Senior Learning Specialist | Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Nieuwoudtville South Africa
Jay Koh
Koh , Jay Managing Director | Lightsmith Group
Mike Korchinsky
Korchinsky , Mike President | Wildlife Works Mill Valley United States of America
Kolluru Krishan
Krishan , Kolluru | CVC Biorefineries Pvt. Ltd and Co-Chair, FICCI Climate Change Task Force
Wikus Kruger
Kruger , Wikus Research Fellow | University of Capetown Cape Town South Africa



Steven L. Kukoda
L. Kukoda , Steven Executive Director | International Copper Alliance New York United States of America
Rodolfo Lacy Tamayo
Lacy Tamayo , Rodolfo Deputy Secretary of Planning and Environmental Policy | Semarnat Mexico
Jan Lam
Lam , Jan Senior. Advisor Biogas Program, West & Central Africa SNV Burkina Faso, Project Sponsor supported by the World Bank’s Carbon Initiative for Development (CiDev) |
Ranjit Lamech
Lamech , Ranjit Director, Energy & Extractives Global Practice | World Bank
María Pia Lannariello
Lannariello , María Pia | MGM Innova Group
Rasmus Lauridsen
Lauridsen , Rasmus | European Investment Bank
Anna Lehmann
Lehmann , Anna VP Policy | Climate Markets & Investors Association London United Kingdom
Gerd Leipold
Leipold , Gerd Program Manager | Climate Transparency Berlin Germany
Giovanni Leo Frisari
Leo Frisari , Giovanni | Inter-American Development Bank
Olivier Levallois
Levallois , Olivier Climate Finance Lead | Carbon Clear London United Kingdom
Min Li
Li , Min China Representative | IETA Beijing China
Michael Liebreich
Liebreich , Michael Chairman of the Advisory Board | Advisory Board of Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Giel Linthorst
Linthorst , Giel Associate Director | Ecofys Utrecht Netherlands
Sara Lovisolo
Lovisolo , Sara Group Sustainability Manager | London Stock Exchange Group
Ruben Lubowksi
Lubowksi , Ruben | Environmental Defense Fund
Antonio Lucas
Lucas , Antonio | Gas Natural Fenosa
Ignasi López
López , Ignasi | Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa”



Deanna MacDonald
MacDonald , Deanna CEO & Co-Founder | Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration
Martina Macpherson
Macpherson , Martina | S&P Dow Jones Indices
Joe Madden
Madden , Joe CEO | Xpansiv
Marco Magini
Magini , Marco Head of Project Portfolio Management | South Pole Group
Aditi Maheshwari
Maheshwari , Aditi Policy Officer | IFC Washington DC United States of America
Asad Mahmood
Mahmood , Asad Manager Technical-Energy Conservation Fund (ECF) | National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) Islamabad Pakistan
Andrei Marcu
Marcu , Andrei | International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
Jay Mariyappan
Mariyappan , Jay Managing Director | Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Singapore Singapore
Dani Martinez
Martinez , Dani | Animation, Film4Climate Video Competition Winner
Alfredo Martínez-Sabadell
Martínez-Sabadell , Alfredo | Fundación Empresa y Clima
Dr. Pierre-Philippe Mathieu
Mathieu , Dr. Pierre-Philippe Earth Observation Applications Engineer | European Space Agency
Marjorie Menard
Menard , Marjorie Consultant | Perspectives Alicante Spain
Michael Metcalfe
Metcalfe , Michael Senior Managing Director and Head of Global Macro Strategy | State Street
Maty Mint Hamady
Mint Hamady, Maty President of the Urban District of Nouakchott and Vice-President of FMDV, Urban District of Nouakchott, Global Fund for Cities Development  | City Hall of Nouakchott
Manash Mitra
Mitra , Manash Head, Credit and Advisory | Tata Cleantech Capital Limited
Rachel Mok
Mok , Rachel | The World Bank Group
Marco Monroy
Monroy , Marco | MGM Innova Group
Ulf Moslener
Moslener , Ulf | Frankfurt School of Finance
Iex Mulisa
Mulisa , Iex | Rwanda Climate Fund (FONERWA)
Glen Murray
Murray , Glen Minister of Environment | Government of Ontario, Canada



Kamelia Naimi
Naimi , Kamelia | Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy
Sachindra Nath Rudra
Nath Rudra , Sachindra Chief Investment Officer | Acumen Bangalore India
Philippe Neves
Neves , Philippe Senior Infrastructure Specialist | PPIAF - World Bank Washington United States of America
Bright Ntare
Ntare , Bright | FONERWA



Femi Oke
Oke , Femi International Journalist |
Daniel Oladele
Oladele , Daniel | ADEDOKUN
Lydia Orial
Orial , Lydia President/CEO | LGU Guarantee Corporation, Philippines Makati Philippines
Simten Oztürk
Oztürk , Simten Manager of Infrastructure Project Financing | Garanti Bank Istanbul Turkey



Marcela Palominos
Palominos , Marcela | Ministry of Finance, Chile
Stavros Papageorgiou
Papageorgiou , Stavros Environmental Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Miroslav Petkov
Petkov , Miroslav | Insurance Ratings, S&P Global Ratings
Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo
Pharo , Per Fredrik Ilsaas Director | Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative
Gareth Phillips
Phillips , Gareth | African Development Bank
Bertrand Piccard
Piccard , Bertrand Initiator, Chairman and Pilot | Solar Impulse
Lance Pierce
Pierce , Lance President North America | CDP
Vincent Piron
Piron , Vincent CFO | SIF Source Geneva France
Alexandrina Platonova-Oquab
Platonova-Oquab , Alexandrina Senior Carbon Finance Specialist | The World Bank Group
Clemens Ploechl
Ploechl , Clemens | Energy Changes
Juan Antonio Prioletta
Prioletta , Juan Antonio Director for Cooperation in Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mines | Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina
Julia Proos
Proos , Julia | European Investment Bank (EIB)
Don Purka
Purka , Don Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America



Jean-Louis Racine
Racine , Jean-Louis Senior Private Sector Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Michael Radomir
Radomir , Michael Executive Director | Code REDD London United Kingdom
Aun Ali Rahman
Rahman , Aun Ali Access to Finance Lead, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Raj Kumar Rakhra
Rakhra , Raj Kumar National Programme Manager - Ujala | Energy Efficiency Services Limited India   NOIDA India
Venkata Ramana Putti
Ramana Putti , Venkata Program Manager | The World Bank Group
Ingo Ramming
Ramming , Ingo Managing Director, Co-Head Commodity Solutions | Commerzbank London United Kingdom
Liv Rathe
Rathe , Liv Climate Office | Norsk Hydro ASA Oslo Norway
Ravindran Rathee
Rathee , Ravindran Principal | RR Corporate
Peter Reitz
Reitz , Peter CEO | The European Energy Exchange (EEX)
Miguel Rescalvo
Rescalvo , Miguel Consultant | The World Bank Group
Eduardo Rodriguez Fernández
Rodriguez Fernández, Eduardo | Gas Natural Fenosa
John Roome
Roome , John Sr. Director Climate Change | World Bank Group
Flavia Rosembuj
Rosembuj , Flavia Global Lead for Blended Finance, Climate Business and Trust Funds | IFC Washington United States of America
Daniel Rossetto
Rossetto , Daniel Managing Director | Climate Mundial Limited London United Kingdom
Miki Rubio
Rubio , Miki | Lavola 1981
Paula Ruiz
Ruiz , Paula | Forética
Josep Rull
Rull , Josep Minister of Territory and Sustainability | Generalitat de Catalunya



Yamina Safer
Safer , Yamina | European Investment Bank (EIB)
Rick Saines
Saines , Rick | Baker & McKenzie
Carlos Sallé
Sallé , Carlos Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change | Iberdrola
Salvador Samitier
Samitier , Salvador | Generalitat de Catalunya
Pedro Sanchez Gamarra
Sanchez Gamarra, Pedro Lead Energy Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Ashok Sarkar
Sarkar , Ashok Senior Energy Specialist, Energy & Extractives Global Practice | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Angelo Sartori
Sartori , Angelo Head of the Climate Change and Environmental Services Unit (UCCSA) | National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), Chile Santiago Chile
Stefan P. Schleicher
Schleicher , Stefan P. | Wegener Center on Climate and Global Change, University of Graz
Malte Schneider
Schneider , Malte Director Decision Metrics and Finance | Climate-KIC Berlin Germany
Michael Schneider
Schneider , Michael Assistant Director | Carbon Offset Business Development, IATA
Paula Schulze
Schulze , Paula Secretary of the European Power | Gas Platform
Karnam Sekar
Sekar , Karnam | State Bank of India
Wayne Sharpe
Sharpe , Wayne | Carbon Trade eXchange
Igor Shishlov
Shishlov , Igor | Investment and Climate
Jonathan Shopley
Shopley , Jonathan Managing Director | Natural Capital Partners London United Kingdom
Junu Shrestha
Shrestha , Junu Environmental Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante
Sierra-Escalante , Kruskaia Manager, Blended Finance - New Business and Portfolio | IFC Washington, DC United States of America
Geoff Sinclair
Sinclair , Geoff Managing Director | CAMCO Clean Energy London United Kingdom
Chandra Shekhar Sinha
Sinha , Chandra Shekhar Lead Climate Change Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington DC United States of America
Margaret-Ann Splawn
Splawn , Margaret-Ann Executive Director | Climate Markets & Investment Association London United Kingdom
Dr. Andrew Steer
Steer , Dr. Andrew Chief Executive Officer | World Resources Institute
Vladimir Stenek
Stenek , Vladimir Senior Climate Change Specialist | The World Bank Group Washington United States of America
Charlotte Streck
Streck , Charlotte Founder and Director | Climate Focus
Marta Subirà i Roca
Subirà i Roca, Marta Secretary for Environment and Sustainability | Government of Catalonia
Katie Sullivan
Sullivan , Katie | The Americas & Climate Finance, IETA
Bjørn Otto Sverdrup
Sverdrup , Bjørn Otto Senior Vice President of Sustainability | Statoil
Jeff Swartz
Swartz , Jeff Managing Director | IETA London United Kingdom
Bianca Sylvester
Sylvester , Bianca General Manager | Carbon Market Institute in Australia
Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera
Sáenz de Miera , Gonzalo Vice-President | GECV Madrid Spain



Alex Tapscott
Tapscott , Alex Co-Author | Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World
Dr. Peter Tarfa
Tarfa , Dr. Peter | Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Environment
Adriaan Tas
Tas , Adriaan Managing Director | Carbon Africa Nairobi Kenya
Hamid Tawfiki
Tawfiki , Hamid Member of the climate finance group for the Moroccan presidency | Cop22
Jonathan Taylor
Taylor , Jonathan Vice President | European Investment Bank
Vuong Thi Minh Hieu
Thi Minh Hieu , Vuong Official of Department for Economic Zones Management; National Coordinator of MPI-UNIDO Eco-industrial Park Initiative Project | Ministry of Planning and Investment Hanoi Vietnam
Massamba Thioye
Thioye , Massamba Manager in our Sustainable Development Mechanisms programme | UNFCCC Bonn Germany
Maxim Titov
Titov , Maxim Executive Director | ENERPO Research Center Saint-Petersburg Russia
Miquel Torrente
Torrente , Miquel Energy Director | Grupo Hera
Doanh Trong Truong
Trong Truong , Doanh Director of Department of Science and Technology - Environment - International Relationship | Vietnam Inland Waterways Authority Hanoi Vietnam
Nguyen Tuan Anh
Tuan Anh , Nguyen | Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam
Laurence Tubiana
Tubiana , Laurence High-Level Climate Champions 2050 Pathways Platform |
Anh Tuong Vu
Tuong Vu , Anh Task Team Leader, Energy Specialist | The World Bank Group Ha Noi Vietnam
Bill Tyndall
Tyndall , Bill Chief Executive Officer | CCAP



Valvanera Ulargui
Ulargui , Valvanera | Spanish Office for Climate Change
Diana Urbani
Urbani , Diana | CelsuisPro



Philippe Valahu
Valahu , Philippe | Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG)
Ugo Valenti
Valenti , Ugo | Fira Barcelona
Paul Van Aalst
Van Aalst , Paul Director | Tjasker Amsterdam Netherlands
Marion Verles
Verles , Marion | Gold Standard
Inka Vogt
Vogt , Inka | Ambassador



Assaad W. Razzouk
W. Razzouk , Assaad CEO | Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Singapore Singapore
Ramiro Wahrhaftig
Wahrhaftig , Ramiro | Itaipu Binacional Brasil
Carsten Warnecke
Warnecke , Carsten Partner | NewClimate Institute Cologne Germany
Jacob Waslander
Waslander , Jacob | World Resources Institute
Charlene Watson
Watson , Charlene Research Associate ODI | Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership Geneva Switzerland
Vikram Widge
Widge , Vikram | Climate & Carbon Finance, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Martijn Wilder
Wilder , Martijn Partner, head of Baker McKenzie's Global Environmental Markets and Climate Change practice | Baker & McKenzie
Mike Wilkins
Wilkins , Mike | S&P Global Ratings
Jon Williams
Williams , Jon TFCD Member and Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change | Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC and Member of FSB Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
Frank Wolke
Wolke , Frank | UBA/DEHSt
Lisa  Wong
Wong , Lisa  Head of New Strategies and Impact  | Affirmative Investment Management London United Kingdom
Qian Wu
Wu , Qian | PwC



Anahita Yousefi
Yousefi , Anahita | Waxman Strategies
Faruk Yusuf Yabo
Yusuf Yabo , Faruk Deputy Director/SE4ALL Focal Poitn for Nigeria | Federal Ministry of Power, Works & Housing Abuja Nigeria



Gareth Zahir
Zahir , Gareth | Shell Foundation
Richard Zechter
Zechter , Richard | Climate Fund Management Unit, Climate Change Group, World Bank